Leaving Certificate Applied

The Leaving Certificate Applied is a two-year Leaving Certificate, available to Coláiste/Gaelcholáiste Choilm students who wish to follow a practical or vocationally oriented programme. A key aspect of the programme is enabling students to prepare for adult and working life. The word ‘applied’ is used because the programme is designed to allow students to apply the learning and experiences they gain over the two years of the programme to practical educational tasks at school, in the workplace and in the wider community.


The Leaving Certificate Applied is different in a number of ways:

  • It is a practical programme that makes wide use of active and student-centred learning methodologies.
  • It includes seven Student Tasks that bring together the different learning experiences that the students have acquired from the subjects they have taken.
  • It uses a unique system of assessment. The students’ work is assessed over the two years of the programme and they gain credits as they progress through curriculum. Practicals, interviews and written exams are among the different forms of assessment used. The students’ communication, problem-solving and practical skills are also assessed.


Our Leaving Certificate Applied students study a variety of subjects across the two year programme such as English and Communications, Mathematical Applications, Gaeilge, Spanish, Art, Hotel Catering and Tourism, Physical Education, Information Technology, Construction Studies, Hair and Beauty, Social Education, Preparation for the World of Work and Religion.


Work Experience is an integral part of the Leaving Certificate Applied programme. Work Experience is split into four sessions across the two year programme: Session 1 September – December (5th Year), Session 2 January to May (5th Year), Session 3 September – December (6th Year) – Session 4 January – May (6th Year). Our students are strongly encouraged to undertake a unique work experience for each session. This is to ensure both a varied exposure to the working world and a broader competency ability ahead of life after secondary school.


Conor Owens

LCA Coordinator

LCA Webinar

 Rang Síofra (LCA 2) celebrating getting their results from Session 1 and Session 2.

LCA Past Pupil Testimonials

“The Work Experience part of LCA really benefited me. Throughout my two years of LCA I attended four different work placements and learned something valuable from each experience. Most importantly it taught me that I enjoyed practical work. I quickly found that I liked being active and on my feet. I then knew that I wanted to pursue a career after LCA that allowed me to do this. I am currently working in a large retail company where I prepare fresh food and meats for customers on a daily basis. The work is active, which I love, and I use the confidence I got from having completed similar work experience in LCA in my daily interactions with customers and colleagues”.


Ciarán O’Buacháin LCA Class of 2020



“I really liked how LCA had continuous assessment/project work instead of one big final exam at the end of the two years. In 6th Year we got our results from 5th Year and that really encouraged me to keep on trying hard in school. The smaller class size in LCA was really good too as I felt that I had a lot of one-to-one time with each teacher. This helped me produce better work in all subjects, but especially in the subjects that I wasn’t very strong in. Work Experience gave me a good idea as to what I wanted to do after I finished in Coláiste Choilm. Before 5th Year LCA I had no idea what career I wanted to do, but coming out of LCA I found that I had an interest in working in either a restaurant or in construction. I am currently working in the hospitality industry for a large restaurant. The work is hands on and sociable. Work Experience in LCA allowed me to begin my career here with some experience under my belt, which I was thankful for.”


Cian McGrath LCA Class of 2021