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Prof Andy Ruth, School of Physics, UCC

The Physics of flight, the joy of aircraft and flying and evidence of this in birds were themes of the Spring Éigse, 2019, in C. Choilm.
Prof. Andy Ruth, ( Sch of Physics, UCC), through live experiments, challenged students’ and teachers’ beliefs on flight, on air and vacuums and entertained everyone too.
Where and how to learn to fly and how physics underpins flight was shown by helicopter pilot Breandán Ó Donnchú.
Irish ornithologist Patrick Smiddy spoke on bird migration, on diets of kestrels and barn owls and also on the ecology of dippers and swallows.
Students played the finest music and sang and played pop and classical and of course trad e.g ‘The Cualainn’


Breandán Ó Donnchú, Pilot,                                                  Patrick Smiddy, Ornithologist