Pastoral Care Structure

“The whole school support systems available to students are excellent”
– Whole School Evaluation Report 2014
Our students are at the centre of our community. Student support and guidance is structured through the well-defined pastoral structure of year heads and class tutors, and through the student support team that comprises of mentors, of the chaplaincy, the learning support department and the guidance department.

Year Heads

The Year Head is a key link in the school community and oversees the welfare of a year group so that learning at every level of the student is supported. This includes – caring for students, encouraging Year Group spirit, monitoring attendance and academic progress, implementing the Code of Behaviour and communicating with teachers and parents. The tremendous input of our Year Heads on a daily basis is central to the development of our students and central to ensuring that our vision is a lived reality.

Guidance Counsellors

Our School Guidance Plan aims to assist the holistic development of all students so that they learn to know and value their talents and abilities and effectively manage their personal transitions while at the same time learn to value and respect others and make a positive contribution to society.
Guidance refers to a range of learning experiences, provided in a developmental sequence, that assist students to develop self-management skills which will lead to effective choices and decisions about their lives. It is focused on student progress in three separate, but interlinked, areas:
• Personal and Social Development
• Educational Guidance
• Career Guidance
Counselling is a key part of the school guidance programme, offered on an individual or group basis as part of a developmental learning process and in moments of personal crisis. Counselling may include personal counselling, educational counselling, career counselling or combinations of these.

Special Education Needs Department

The aim of the Special Education Needs Department is to value and nurture those students who learn differently and to foster their continuing education in a mainstream setting. The SEN department seek to work towards realising the potential of each individual student regardless of their disability. The SEN department work closely with SNAs, subject teachers, special education teachers, guidance counsellors, year heads and the senior leadership team.

School Chaplain - Ms. Carmel Falvey

The role of the Chaplain for the whole school community:
The Chaplain in Coláiste & Gaelcholáiste Choilm as a faith presence accompanies each individual in the school community on his/her journey.
  • The Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible states: “There is a season for everything”. In the life of the young person there is a season for adolescence.
  • As the school Chaplain it is part of my role to walk with students along this path of self discovery every step of the way.
  • Chaplaincy in Coláiste & Gaelcholáiste Choilm centres around “being there” for all in the school community: staff, students and their families as a gentle presence & support. As Chaplain I am available to each student in the school journeying with and supporting them during their school year.
  • The Chaplain supports and maintains a caring, respectful and compassionate school atmosphere where every person feels accepted, trusted and valued.
  • The Chaplain works closely with the Guidance Department and is part of a pastoral care team approach to supporting students in school. The Chaplain is available to students in times of bereavement, grief and coping with loss.
  • The Chaplain responds to referrals from year heads, class tutors and is a part of the Critical Incident Management Team. The Chaplain is central to organising retreats, pilgrimages and outreach activities during the course of the school year.
  • The Chaplain is available to meet with parents, is a support in times of trauma and makes links with local parishes including local clergy.
Times of special significance:
There are many moments during the year that are of special importance in the life of the school:
November we remember Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, TY retreats to Gougane Barra, 3rd Year Mass, 6th year Graduation Mass.