Special Guests

Writer, explorer and filmmaker Tim Severin stunned students and teachers as they learned how he replicated the voyage of St. Brendan the Navigator from Ireland to Newfoundland. His film of his leather boat on the roaring Atlantic, In the ice floes off Greenland reveal a person of Unique imagination, courage and scholarship.

Tim Severin’s award-winning books and films on his expeditions by Bronze Age galleys, by Arab sailing sailing ship, by prahu, by bamboo raft, by horse to Jerusalem, by horse across Mongolia as he retraced journeys of figures like Genghis Khan, Marco Polo Ulysses, Sinbad as well as his three historical fiction trilogies Viking, Saxon and Pirate have captivated so many including teachers and students in Coláiste Choilm.

This visit by Tim Severin, Uomo Universale was an honour for all gathered. Further info at www.timseverin.net