Transition Year

Behind the Scene’s Ltd.

This year the Transition Year Group are producing an 80’s musical called “Flashdance”. Behind the Scenes Ltd. are the TY Mini Company that runs the business behind our school show with the help of our business teacher Ms. O’Neill. We have a big role to play in the success of the show. We are currently organising sponsorship for the funding of the show. Local businesses in the area sponsor Coláiste Choilm every year and a show programme is produced. We will also be heavily involved in the marketing of the event throughout the school. We design, print and sell the tickets to our student population of over 1000 students. We are responsible for all cash-flow in and out of the business. Accounts need to be kept and we balance our books on a regular basis!!!! We have been working as a part of a team since the company was formed and everyone involved is enjoying the experience